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Last week Jeff called to ask about developing a website.  He said a number of people had recommended he put “something” up.  He thought it was probably a good idea only he wasn’t sure how it would work for him.

Jeff has a number of business interests in the area of holistic health, one of which is Iyengar Yoga.  He is an instructor and wants to focus first on building his local business, particularly his list of clients.  I explained that a website could accomplish this goal and more.  One of the benefits of a website is the ability to get the attention of people interested in your local area.  A well-planned website…

Allows the business owner to target a specific geographic area 

Someone who has a yoga business in a city, for example Los Angeles, wants to have as many people from that area coming to their website.  Or, in Jeff’s case, he may want to attract people who are looking for a yoga instructor in Los Angeles or are traveling to the area for business or other short-term stay. 

Jeff wanted to know more about how his website could be set up to target people in LA.  I explained how Google, Yahoo and the other search engine programs allowed the business owner to specify their geographic location.  When someone looking for a local yoga studio or instructor types “yoga instructor Los Angeles” into the Google search bar, Google looks for all yoga instructors specifying that they are in Los Angeles and displays the list.  There are more tools available to attract local clients.  We will be covering them in the future.

WORD OF THE DAY: Search Engine   The Internet is huge.  Google, Yahoo, MSN and others are companies who supply a program someone can use to find information and places of business they want.  Each company has a proprietary program that sets the way they search for and retrieve information.


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