Promote Your Business with an E-product

I know I’ve said it before and I can’t repeat myself often enough to get the point across. Most people who use the internet are looking for free information. Your goal is to put your webpage and the valuable information and services you offer high up on their search. Let your visitors know that you know your stuff, offer them access to free information in the form of an e-product or e-book, or electronic document.

You are not limited to the written word. Your e-book can contain anything that can be delivered over the internet and that’s a multimedia anything. It isn’t just text…

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Planning Your Website for Business

Sample Site MapAs a savvy business owner you’re thinking ahead as you plan your website. Not only can it be used to bring customers to your door, there is the potential of creating another stream of income through your website as you grow to meet the needs and expectations of your visitor. You can develop information products, teleseminars, and online classes as well as retail products. The opportunity is limited only by your creativity. That said, plan ahead for your online business to grow.

Whether you are setting up your website yourself or outsourcing the development, develop a site diagram. First time ever doing this? Do your best. It will greatly help…

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Business Owners Need to Connect with Each Other

I’m going to digress a little bit today. You see, I’ve been sitting at this computer for three weeks without much of a break. It doesn’t really matter what business you’re in; as a business owner sooner or later you will find yourself spending a lot of time working on your projects.

I know I need to connect with people. Just being with them can spark creative ideas for me whether we discuss business or not. One of the ways I make time to meet with people…

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How to Purchase a Domain Name

You’ve found it, the perfect domain. Well, let’s hope so. Sometimes we get lucky and other times, someone has already purchased our perfect domain. So, arm yourself with plenty of options before you start the process. Then, list in hand go to the domain registrar of your choice.

Here’s a bit of background about registration. Since 1998 all domain names have been held in the ICANN registry as a central place to coordinate registration and develop policy. When you purchase a domain name you do so with an ICANN accredited registrar.

You can choose your registrar a number of ways. Recommendation of a friend or webmaster, reputation for customer service and cost. There are many registrars, a few of which are GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 1and1. I use because I get great…

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Business Owners Guide to Domain Names

How important is your domain name? In one word – Very!!

Your website domain name needs to be memorable and relevant to your business. The more your domain name reflects your business the easier it is for people to remember and get to your website. Choose a descriptive name. It should tell your prospect something about your business and what they can expect when they visit your website. Use your branding research to guide you in your choice.

Choose a name that is unique and distinct from your competition. Take time…

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Clearly Define Your Market for a Successful Internet Business

The internet is one large, competitive marketplace. In order to succeed you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Your research on your consumer, competition, industry and yourself give you the information you need to narrow your focus to a very specific target market or niche and product or service.

Your consumer isn’t everyone. You know who she is and what she wants. The product or service you offer is designed to meet her specific needs. For example, instead of selling women’s fashion online, you could sell bridal wear to upscale brides looking for designer name sophistication.

I don’t know about you but I’m on the internet regularly comparing prices between different websites as well as brick and mortar stores. So is everyone else. You don’t want to compete…

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Branding Your Website – Step 1

Going through the branding process with your online business is critical. Your website will be many people’s first and only impression of your company, product and services. You have only seconds to catch someone’s attention before they click away. Make the most of the time you have. Knowing as much as they can about potential website visitors…

Allows the Business Owner to Make a Good First Impression

Think of the Internet as your new community. Before you put up that first page it is critical you analyze your audience, your competition, your industry and yourself.

Audience: Who are your targeted visitors? What do they expect to find on your webpage and are they internet savvy? Maybe your potential customer requires…

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Use an Incentive to Get Subscribers to Your List

How many times have you heard someone say “Let’s go look that up on the web?” People use an Internet browser to find information and to buy stuff. You want your website to be able to answer their questions and provide the goods and services they’re seeking.

First you have to establish a relationship with people. They want to know if they can trust you. Look at it this way. You just met someone at a party. You shake their hand and then chat a bit to see if you have something in common. The optin incentive is your opportunity to chat. Use your incentive to…

Introduce your business and win credibility

Your incentive offer should be a gift that has value. Lots of value! It needs to relate…

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Business Owners Maintain contact

Are you beginning to get an idea about how the Internet works for you? Can you see the possibilities when you use your website to attract potential customers to your product or service? I can hear you saying to yourself: “This all sounds pretty good but I don’t have time to email a big list of people on a regular basis. I’ve heard that some lists grow into the thousands.” You can relax. There are programs and systems that…

Allow the business owner to stay in touch with list members

There are companies, such as Aweber, who provide programs and services that let you automate your communications. The options are extensive. A list can be set up for new subscribers, another for customers and another for local clients. You write the emails and set the timing and frequency.

How about the subscriber list? This list is a candidate for a regular series of email. You write the message and…

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Business Owners Build a List of Potential Clients

The Internet brings together people of similar interests from all over the world. The business owner with an active website is gathering a list of people who are interested enough in their product to optin or sign on to the email list. Just think of the time efficiency you have when you automate your name gathering process. This list is the key to growing your business. A website…

Allows the Business Owner to attract and cultivate new clients

Think of your list building activity as creating a community. Someone who has signed on to your list wants to hear more about you and your product. They see you as someone who has something of value to offer to them. Your business benefits from building these relationships so people feel they know you.

When someone opts in to your list they are giving you permission to send them emails. This is your opportunity…

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