Branding Your Website – Step 1

Going through the branding process with your online business is critical.  Your website will be many people’s first and only impression of your company, product and services.  You have  only seconds to catch someone’s attention before they click away.  Make the most of the time you have.  Knowing as much as they can about potential website visitors…

Allows the Business Owner to Make a Good First Impression

Think of the Internet as your new community.  Before you put up that first page it is critical you analyze your audience, your competition, your industry and yourself.  

Audience:  Who are your targeted visitors?  What do they expect to find on your webpage and are they internet savvy?  Maybe your potential customer requires some education about your product or service before they purchase.  Will your best appeal be emotional, intellectual or a combination?

Competitors:  Who are your competitors and how do you beat them without imitation.  Consider their domain name, the appearance and color of their websites.  Choose a distinctive name and appearance that cannot be confused with another site.  Emphasize what makes you a better consideration than your competitor. Industry:  What are the trends in your industry?  You stepped onto an international stage with your website.  It is time to take a broader look at history, as well as current and future trends.  Be prepared for changes in markets and technologies to happen faster on the Internet than in your local market.

Self:  How do you present yourself?  Is your approach formal or more casual?  Your website design and copy reflect you and your business personality.  Use it to communicate your brand visually and “verbally” to your visitors.

Thank goodness for the internet.  Finding this information is so much easier today than when we were limited to the library and calls to industry associations.  I will be continuing this conversation in following blog posts.  Look forward to seeing you.

WORD OF THE DAY:  Domain name  For the purpose of our definition I am covering registered domain names, or simply domains.  The main purpose of the name is to provide a recognizable address on the internet where someone can expect to find your website.  Users try to purchase a name that incorporates a word that identifies their business.  The most common names use the .com


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