Business Owner Internet Basics: Let’s Get Started

“You’re funny,” she said.  My reaction was “oh, oh.”  You see, I’m not a standup comedian or anything like that.  I’m a marketing person.  I had been explaining how she could increase her profit by taking her offline business to the Internet.  My potential client pointed out she didn’t understand half of what I was talking about.  I was lucky she spoke up.  Sometimes a client will just disappear if she doesn’t understand the language.


You see, I had grown so comfortable with doing business on the web that I temporarily forgot that not everyone understood what I was saying.  It was a little like trying to understand what my boyfriend was talking about the first time he took me to a UCLA basketball game.  I had to learn the language in order to participate.


I’m not sure exactly where I blew it.  I’m pretty sure she was okay with “Google.”  Was it “keywords”?  “Page rank” and “Alexis”?  She was ready to go ahead marketing her business on the web.  It was time for me to slow down and make sure she understood each step we were going to take.


She also needed to know why it was important to do what we were doing.  Today she has a successfulblog that moving up in page rank.  Ooops, there’s one of those “funny” words again.


I love marketing.  I particularly love my new passion, marketing on the world wide web.  What I want to do here  is to share that  passion with you and, at the same time, bring you up-to-date on the language and the opportunity for you to increase your profit by building an active internet presence.


The definition of the work “blog” is a good place to start since that is what my client and I were discussing.


WORD OF THE DAY:  Blog  or web + log  A public web page where the blog owner, or blogger,  journals about a topic or person that is of interest to them.  Anyone who comes to the page has an opportunity to comment on the information and opinions of the blogger.


Blogging is an important part of your Internet marketing plan.  We’ll be covering why as we go along.  You will also become more comfortable with the language as we will be adding new words to your vocabulary along the way.


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