Business Owners Build a List of Potential Clients

The Internet brings together people of similar interests from all over the world.  The business owner with an active website is gathering a list of people who are interested enough in their product to optin or sign on to the email list.  Just think of the time efficiency you have when you automate your name gathering process. This list is the key to growing your business.  A website… 

Allows the Business Owner to attract and cultivate new clients 

Think of your list building activity as creating a community.  Someone who has signed on to your list wants to hear more about you and your product.  They see you as someone who has something of value to offer to them.  Your business benefits from building these relationships so people feel they know you. 

When someone opts in to your list they are giving you permission to send them emails.  This is your opportunity to stay in touch by sending emails to them on a regular basis.  The email isn’t a formal affair or a blatant sales pitch, both of which will lose you list subscribers. Instead, write as though you are chatting to a friend.  Share a story or a testimonial.  Discuss something that relates to or impacts your business.  By the time you do send a recommendation or a product promotion, you will have built credibility with your list members.  

This works even if you have a local business.  You never know when a subscriber will come to your area or recommend you to a friend who is traveling to your town.  

WORD OF THE DAY:  Optin  Have you visited a website that has a box where you are asked to put in your name and email?  This is the optin box.  Often the website owner will offer you a report or some other incentive to fill in your information.  You’re now on their email list.  You have agreed to receive their emails until you request that you be taken off the list. 

There are two kinds of optin.  The single optin is complete once you have entered your information and clicked the subscribe button.  The double optin requires that you go to your email box.  You will be asked to click on a line confirming that you want to be on this list.  The double optin is a way for you to control spam email.  It assures the website owner that you really do want to receive their email. 

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Business Owners Build a List of Potential Clients — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you for your helpful post, Pam. I’ve been working on ‘opt-in’ for my website for a bit. It’s supposed to be easy — I use — and be built in, but obviously I’m having some ‘operator’ issues. I’m plugging away at it (and the within-the-site blog as well)

  2. Your list is the database to get bsuiness. Both the qantity AND quality counts.

    There’s a charcoal organic chicken place that asks for its customers to supplytheir mobile phone # to receive SMS for their Specail Offer.

    This is a brilliant & cost effective marketing tool. Not longer SMS get more attention (~92% chance beign read as against ~40% for emails’ readership), it’s dirt cheap compared with newspaper ad.

    John Ho
    Understanding Personalities for Better Influence & Persuasion (WordPress)
    Understanding Personalities for Better Influence & Persuasion (Vox Blog)

  3. I like the concept of building a community, it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to as far as internet marketing is concerned.


    JC JC

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