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Are you beginning to get an idea about how the Internet works for you?  Can you see the possibilities  when you use your website to attract potential customers to your product or service?  I can hear you saying to yourself:  “This all sounds pretty good but I don’t have time to email a big list of people on a regular basis.  I’ve heard that some lists grow into the thousands.”  You can relax.  There are programs and systems that…

Allow the business owner to stay in touch with list members 

There are companies, such as Aweber,  who provide programs and services that let you automate your communications.  The options are extensive.  A list can be set up for new subscribers, another for customers and another for local clients.  You write the emails and set the timing and frequency. 

How about the subscriber list?  This list is a candidate for a regular series of email.  You write the message and set the code of the autoresponder to time the sending of the email.  Write several emails at one sitting and program them to go out on a set schedule or write one as needed.  Your choice! 

How to reach your customers?  Put their email on a different list set up to send them messages about their product and how to use it.  Maybe a series something like this:  1) Thank you for your purchase.  2) Instructions on how to download or use the product.  3) Asking if they have any questions 4)… you get the idea.  It all happens automatically.   

Local customers?  Make sure there is an option for them to put their email on any forms you have them complete in your office.  Or, take the email at the point of sale at your location.   Let them know you will be announcing  coupons and promotions via email.  Everyone likes special treatment.   Let your customer know you want to keep in touch with the latest news about your specialty and your practice.  Gone are the days when you had to mail out cards when you moved or added a new service to your practice. 

You only have to write the emails you develop for your autoresponder once.  Entering the information is pretty easy.  Companies like Aweber have taken care to give good, clear instructions for you to follow.  Tech shy?  Have someone do this part for you. 

Are you beginning to see how your website expands your circle?  It’s kind of nice to have it happening in the background while you tend to daily business.  

WORD OF THE DAY:  autoresponder   the autoresponder is a program that automatically answers email with preprogrammed messages.  Its answering capability is also incorporated into the electronic mailing list software that I have been describing.  It allows marketing to be automated for posts, subscriptions, unsubscriptions and other list activities.  The customer pays a monthly usage fee.  Access to the service is through a web-based control panel where the marketing functions can be set up.


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