Planning Your Website for Business

Sample Site MapAs a savvy business owner you’re thinking ahead as you plan your website. Not only can it be used to bring customers to your door, there is the potential of creating another stream of income through your website as you grow to meet the needs and expectations of your visitor. You can develop information products, teleseminars, and online classes as well as retail products. The opportunity is limited only by your creativity. That said, plan ahead for your online business to grow.

Whether you are setting up your website yourself or outsourcing the development, develop a site diagram. First time ever doing this? Do your best. It will greatly help…

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Business Owners Maintain contact

Are you beginning to get an idea about how the Internet works for you? Can you see the possibilities when you use your website to attract potential customers to your product or service? I can hear you saying to yourself: “This all sounds pretty good but I don’t have time to email a big list of people on a regular basis. I’ve heard that some lists grow into the thousands.” You can relax. There are programs and systems that…

Allow the business owner to stay in touch with list members

There are companies, such as Aweber, who provide programs and services that let you automate your communications. The options are extensive. A list can be set up for new subscribers, another for customers and another for local clients. You write the emails and set the timing and frequency.

How about the subscriber list? This list is a candidate for a regular series of email. You write the message and…

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Want to Build Your Business?

You have to get your name in front of the people who are interested in your product or service. Advertising isn’t cost effective for most independent business owners. Attending community meetings and speaking for local business groups gives you exposure to a group of individuals and can take up a lot of your time. Here is one suggestion how utilizing the power of the Internet greatly expands your ability to connect with potential clients. A website…

Allows the business owner to attract and cultivate new clients

Any business, whether local or online, needs to have their domain name on all printed and published information, such as business cards. Write and article? Make sure your domain name is noted in your bio. Interviewed by the local paper? Your domain name needs to be here too.

Many metropolitan areas…

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Attract Local Business to Your Website

Last week Jeff called to ask about developing a website. He said a number of people had recommended he put “something” up. He thought it was probably a good idea only he wasn’t sure how it would work for him.

Jeff has a number of business interests in the area of holistic health, one of which is Iyengar Yoga. He is an instructor and wants to focus first on building his local business, particularly his list of clients. I explained that a website could accomplish this goal and more. One of the benefits of a website is the ability to get the attention of people interested in your local area. A well-planned website…

Allows the business owner to target a specific geographic area

Someone who has a yoga business…

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Business Owner Internet Basics: Let’s Get Started

“You’re funny,” she said. My reaction was “oh, oh.” You see, I’m not a standup comedian or anything like that. I’m a marketing person. I had been explaining how she could increase her profit by taking her offline business to the Internet. My potential client pointed out she didn’t understand half of what I was talking about. I was lucky she spoke up. Sometimes a client will just disappear if she doesn’t understand the language.

You see, I had grown so comfortable with doing business on the web that I temporarily forgot that not everyone understood what I was saying. It was a little like trying to understand what my boyfriend was talking about the first time he took me to a UCLA basketball game. I had to learn…

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Business Owner Introduction to Internet Marketing

Independent business owners recognize they have an opportunity to ramp up their business using the power of the Internet. However, the tech stuff and the language can be a bit overwhelming at first. My goal is to publish information specifically targeted to the independent business owner. A basic plan for the start up website is designed to introduce the owner to another venue for promoting their business.