How to Purchase a Domain Name

You’ve found it, the perfect domain. Well, let’s hope so. Sometimes we get lucky and other times, someone has already purchased our perfect domain. So, arm yourself with plenty of options before you start the process. Then, list in hand go to the domain registrar of your choice.

Here’s a bit of background about registration. Since 1998 all domain names have been held in the ICANN registry as a central place to coordinate registration and develop policy. When you purchase a domain name you do so with an ICANN accredited registrar.

You can choose your registrar a number of ways. Recommendation of a friend or webmaster, reputation for customer service and cost. There are many registrars, a few of which are GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 1and1. I use because I get great…

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Business Owners Guide to Domain Names

How important is your domain name? In one word – Very!!

Your website domain name needs to be memorable and relevant to your business. The more your domain name reflects your business the easier it is for people to remember and get to your website. Choose a descriptive name. It should tell your prospect something about your business and what they can expect when they visit your website. Use your branding research to guide you in your choice.

Choose a name that is unique and distinct from your competition. Take time…

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