How to Purchase a Domain Name

You’ve found it, the perfect domain.  Well, let’s hope so.  Sometimes we get lucky and other times, someone has already purchased our perfect domain.  So, arm yourself with plenty of options before you start the process.  Then, list in hand go to the domain registrar of your choice. 

Here’s a bit of background about registration.  Since 1998 all domain names have been held in the ICANN registry as a central place to coordinate registration and develop policy.  When you purchase a domain name you do so with an ICANN accredited registrar. 

You can choose your registrar a number of ways.  Recommendation of a friend or webmaster, reputation for customer service and cost.   There are many registrars, a few of which are GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 1and1.   I use because I get great customer service.  The company and the service department is based in Arizona.   And, just to be open about this, if you choose to click on the link at the end of this post I do benefit.

The process at the domain registrar is fairly easy to follow.  Generally there will be a space for you to put in your domain name and select a preference for .com.  Then you click where directed to find out if the name is available.  If yes, put it in your shopping cart and go back and get the rest of the names you on your list.  If it’s a no, put in your next choice and hope for a yes on that one.  Often the registrar will offer suggestions.  Evaluate the suggestions with the same set of criteria you used to develop your list of domain names. 

Good luck on getting your perfect domain name.

WORD OF THE DAY:  URL   URL is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.  For our purposes we are concerned with the portion of the URL called the resource name.  The name we type into the address bar has two portions.  The first part is called a protocol identifier and tells the browser how to get the particular address.  You will see something like  http://    The second part specifies the IP address or domain name where the resource is located, i.e .

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