Promote Your Business with an E-product

I know I’ve said it before and I can’t repeat myself often enough to get the point across.  Most people who use the internet are looking for free information.  Your goal is to put your webpage and the valuable information and services you offer high up on their search.  Let your visitors know that you know your stuff, offer them access to free information in the form of an e-product or e-book, or electronic document.

You are not limited to the written word.  Your e-book can contain anything that can be delivered over the internet and that’s a multimedia anything.  It isn’t just text in the form of a mini-book or report.  It can also utilize audio and video.  Below are some of the options available.  Take your inspiration from the suggestions and create something that best represents your product.

        ●  Prepare a recording of you with instructions on how to achieve some desired outcome.

        ●  Record someone interviewing you with questions you’ve prepared in advance that demonstrate your value as a resource.  Relax and enjoy the process.  Your presentation will come across with you as someone who they can relate to.

        ●  Shoot a video of an interactive demonstration of how your product works.  It can be the next best thing to satisfying someone’s need to seeing and feeling an object before they purchase it.

        ●  Record, either audio or video, of you interviewing an industry expert.  The expert benefits from the additional exposure and the “expertness” rubs off on the visitor’s   perception of you.

        ●  Write that e-book that you will eventually offer for sale and pre-release free “review” chapters.  Whet their appetite for the full story offered in your e-book.

This is a very short list.  There are as many ways as you can imagine to distribute professional-looking information products to impress your potential customers.  In the meantime, you are capturing the contact information of everyone who reads your e-book, listens to your recording or views your video so you can follow up on those leads.  Emailing to the list you build will be a vital part of your marketing plan.


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