Use an Incentive to Get Subscribers to Your List

How many times have you heard someone say “Let’s go look that up on the web?”  People use an Internet browser to find information and to buy stuff.  You want your website to be able to answer their questions and provide the goods and services they’re seeking.

First you have to establish a relationship with people.  They want to know if they can trust you.  Look at it this way.  You just met someone at a party.  You shake their hand and then chat a bit to see if you have something in common.  The optin incentive is your opportunity to chat.  Use your incentive to…

Introduce your business and win credibility

Your incentive offer should be a gift that has value.  Lots of value!  It needs to relate to the reason people are visiting your site and offer specific benefits.  You want to give visitors a reason to return to your website and look forward to your emails. 

What kind of offer is irresistible enough that people are willing to give you their name and email address?  The list that follows is only a sampling of what you might create: free newsletter, information-packed ebook, an audio, graphic or video mini-course or other downloadables.  You might have a members-only forum or discussion group or a contest to win a free product (not your primary product).  Are you beginning to get some ideas? 

Make the offer very specific to the wants and needs of your potential customer so you build a highly targeted list.  The incentive should be something you can maintain without an extensive time investment on your part.  It can be prepared by you or outsourced.

WORD OF THE DAY:  Browser  A browser is a computer software program that displays the websites or documents you want to see.  Examples of browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and others. 

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Use an Incentive to Get Subscribers to Your List — 28 Comments

  1. Excellent advice. It helps to ask why anyone would want to give us access to their valuable time through direct access to their inbox.

    As small business owners and marketers, we must earn the right to start a relationship with our site’s visitors.

    All the best,

  2. Pat,

    Great post. If we go offline to a brick and morter store it’s interesting to note that a lot of stores don’t offer incentives to shop with them that has value to me.

    I’m not all about the coupons I want something thats going to be of value to me.

    That’s why in our cellphone shops we offer free courses to whoever buys a cellphone on how to use their mobile.

    iPhone Expert

  3. Pat

    Great ideas, easy to implement and a good way to keep customers coming back. I believe they like knowing that the one they do business with is looking out for them.


    JC JC

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